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Sutton news 2021-2022

Sutton Village Hall New Year's Eve party - 31st December 2022
Sutton Village Hall New Years Eve party 2023

A huge thank you to all those who helped to organise the New Year's Eve party and to all who joined us and brought lots of delicious food to share. It was a very sociable evening with lots of time to catch up, to meet some new faces and to discover some surprising connections!

We enjoyed a variety of dancing, from disco to ceilidh dancing and for the experts, cha cha, tango and rumba! Well done to all those who picked up the Scottish dancing so quickly. It was a real workout!

What a fun way to welcome in 2023! 

More photos

Sutton Village Hall |New Year's Eve party dancing December 2022
Sutton Village Hall advent windows - 31st December 2022
Santa playing golf - advent window for 4th Dec 2022

The Village Hall Committee would like to thank everyone for all their efforts in making the Christmas advent windows a BIG success again this year! It was so lovely to see all the beautiful designs and all the time and effort that went into planning and displaying your windows.

We hope you will be willing to participate again in 2023, especially if you missed out this year.


Photos of advent windows 2022

Photos of advent windows 2021

Sutton Village Hall advent window 11th December 2022 Santa flying over Sutton Packhorse Bridge
Sutton Village Hall AGM - 13th October 2022
Website usage report for AGM

Events are now steadily increasing following last year's many cancellations due to Covid. Highlights this year included: ​​

  • advent windows throughout the village

  • the duck race

  • Platinum Jubilee celebrations

  • the Birmingham Conservatoire

  • Hotbuckle Theatre "Great Expectations"

  • pizza / BBQ evenings

  • our popular coffee mornings.


Use of the hall for the past 11 months is 80%, with a total of 329 bookings, including regular groups:

  • D-Railed Dance

  • life-drawing class

  • pilates

  • Sutton Lower School

  • Vibrance

  • TJ's line dancing

  • Tonic Yoga

  • Sutton WI

  • microdrone-flying

  • Sutton Parish Council

  • Pins and Needles

  • FOSC

  • Sutton Wildlife Group 

While much of our income is from non-resident bookings for parties, weddings, etc., we have also been very successful in winning grants thanks to the persistence of our chairman Barbara McCormick! Our thanks go also to Ward Councillor Tracey Wye who supported these applications. 

If you would like to join the committee, or even just help out occasionally, please Contact us.

More details can be found in the following documents:

Chairman's Report

Examiner's Summary of Treasurer's Report (audited)

Lettings Report

Sutton Village Hall Committee October 2022.
Tree planted for Platinum Jubilee - 15th October 2022
Jubilee tree planting in Sutton, Bedfordshire

To commemorate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we planted a West Himalayan Birch tree in the grounds of The John O'Gaunt pub for all to enjoy. The bark of this elegant tree will eventually change over the years to a brilliant white. After the tree was safely planted at the far end of the garden bordering the fields, we all gathered at the village hall for some cheese and wine.

Our thanks go to Peter Giddings for donating the tree, to Sue McClymont for nurturing the tree throughout the long, hot summer until the correct planting season, to Jane and Jago for giving the tree a home in the centre of the village where it can be seen by everyone and to Ward Councillor Tracey Wye for funding the commemorative plaque.

Platinum jubilee tree plaque
Sutton Village Hall gets a facelift - July 2022
Painting the outside of the hall

A huge thankyou to all who joined us for our recent maintenance day at the hall, tackling everything from weeding to carpentry to treating the outside of the building. It turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far, so it was a matter of trying to follow the shade as best we could and avoid breathing in the paint fumes!

We rewarded ourselves with a bbq and pizza using the pizza oven in the hall garden. It's the perfect place for a get-together in this hot weather, with plenty of shade under the huge beech tree!


The bbq and pizza oven are both available for a small charge to anyone booking the hall. If you are interested, please find more details on our Hall Hire page or Contact us.

Pizza oven at Sutton Village Hall
Sutton platinum jubilee celebration  - 4th June 2022
Cutting the platinum jubilee cake

More than 100 of us joined together to celebrate this special day. It was wonderful to be together after months of lockdown and to catch up with friends and neighbours over a welcome glass of bubbly, coronation chicken and delicious desserts. With everyone dressed in red, blue and white and many in 1950s dress, we truly celebrated in style! 

Very many thanks to all those who put in so much hard work to ensure the day went smoothly and to "Drunk and Disorderly" for providing great music.

View photos in our Gallery

Celebrating the platinum jubilee at Sutton Village Hall
Sutton competition results  - 4th June 2022
Sutton competition winners 2022

The results for the Sutton 2022 art, poetry and Jubilee planter competitions were announced at the Jubilee celebration on 4th June. There's clearly a wealth of talent in Sutton! Well done to everyone who entered. You can view all the entries in our Gallery.

This competition has been funded by the Central Bedfordshire Ward Councillor COVID-19 Grant Scheme, Councillor Wye‘s allocation



1st Annie Gilpin

2n Charlie Couchman

Joint 3rd Melanie Taylor / Margaret Pryor


1st Hayden Stuart

2nd Seren Stuart



1st Phil Lane

2nd Barbara McCormick

Joint 3rd Stefan Senger / Maxine Dunne


1st Seren Stuart

2nd Hayden Stuart


1st Pins and Needles Group

2nd Jo Hollington

3rd William Hollington

View photos

Jubilee plant competition entry
Sutton duck race  - 22nd May 2022
Sutton duck race 2022

All 1200 ducks came under starters orders in front of a capacity crowd basking in the glorious sunshine. On the surface the ducks looked calm but under the water there was frantic paddling spurred on by the enthralled support. The lead changed frequently and in just under record time two locally trained ducks crossed the line ahead of the rest of the flock. An enthusiastic reception from the children awaited all the ducks in the padduck area.

The official results are:

1st prize: £150 to number 1080

2nd prize: £50 to number 46

3rd prize: £25 to number 1028


The organisers would like to thanks all those who supported the event and helped to make it a great success.

View photos.

Sutton duck race 2022 collecting the ducks after the race.
Potton Fire Brigade visit  - 9th April 2022
Fire brigade visit to Sutton Village Hall

Several members from Potton Fire Brigade very kindly joined us at our recent coffee morning to show us how to do CPR and how to use the defibrillator that's installed on the front of the village hall. If you ever need to use it, call 999 and ask for the code to release it from its holder on the wall. The operator will advise you on what to do, and visual and audio instructions on the defibrillator itself are very clear. 

We were reassured that the defibrillator won't cause damage and is programmed to deliver a shock to start heart rhythm only when absolutely necessary. 

There was a lot of interest in this life-saving information and our thanks go to all members of the crew for making the instruction so accessible.

Read more on our defibrillator.

Fire Brigade give Instruction in CPR
Sutton strollers walk  - 12th March 2022
Sutton Strollers walk in the woods

Several of us gathered together on Saturday morning and were guided by Jenny and Nigel Ream on a 2 hour walk around their farm. We enjoyed walking through several wooded areas where they are actively encouraging wildlife.

We were fortunate enough to see a female barn owl fly very close by from its nest box, a red kite, and a frog enjoying the sunshine.

The strollers will be visiting Dunton Community Garden on Saturday 14th May, meeting up at 10am at the village hall. All welcome!

Sutton Strollers walk in the woods
Kansas Smittys Jazz evening - 25th September 2021
Kansas Smitties Jazz night Sept 2021

Two members of Kansas Smittys were unable to join us, but fortunately top-class musicians stepped in to replace them at very short notice. Our heartfelt thanks go to Peter Horsfall on trumpet/vocals, Ewan Bleach on clarinet/vocals, Ducato Piotrowski on guitar, Kourosh Kanani on guitar and Fergus Ireland on bass for such a polished, uplifting musical evening!

With audience numbers limited according to Covid guidelines, the atmosphere was more intimate than on previous jazz evenings and it was a real privilege to see such talent up close. 

We very much hope that they will return to Sutton to perform for us again in the future.

Peter Horsfall, trumpet and vocals
End of lockdown pizza party - 28th August 2021
End of lockdown party

We were very fortunate to have good weather for the pizza party and even more fortunate to have "Drunk and disorderly" playing for us. People brought pizzas of all sorts: ready-made, made-from-scratch, vegan, courgette, broccoli, chocolate and marshmallow, etc. The pizza oven did well to keep up with the demand! But top marks surely go to Chloe for her jelly baby pizza!

Everyone enjoyed being together again at last after Covid put a stop to events over the last year or so. A warm welcome to all our new neighbours who have recently moved into Sutton. It was good to meet you all!

Please find more photos of the event in the Gallery

Cooking pizza in the pizza oven at Sutton Village Hall
Art and poetry competitions - July 2021
Winning painting for Sutton competition 2021

The winners of the annual art and poetry competitions were announced at the coffee morning on 14th August. 

Art winners

1st: Margaret Prior

2nd: Jenny Ream

3rd: Phil Lane


Poetry winners

1st: Barbara McCormick

2nd: Stefan Senger

3rd: Phil Lane

Please take a look at the entries in the Gallery.

The competition was funded by the Central Bedfordshire Ward Councillor COVID-19 Grant Scheme, Councillor Wye‘s allocation.

Winner of Sutton poetry competition 2021
FOSC 100+ Club winners - August 2021
All Saints Church, Sutton, Bedfordshire

The Friends of Sutton Church, (FOSC) is a registered charity (293616), whose purpose is to preserve and maintain the structure of All Saints Church Sutton. 

The 2021, 100+ Club has been formed to help raise funds for FOSC.  Membership costs £12 per annum and there will be six equally distributed prize draws throughout the year. 25% of all proceeds will be distributed as 1st prize, 15% as 2nd prize with the remainder kept for FOSC.

The first draw was on Saturday 14th August and the winners were Hilary Barham and Natalie Rice who won £46.50 and £27.90 respectively. 

The next draw will take place on Saturday 9th October at midday at the Sutton Village Hall coffee morning. 


To find out more about the 2021, 100+ Club please contact:

Catherine Brown -

Friends of Sutton Church Club 100+ draw
Sutton Neighbourhood Plan - June 2021
Sutton Bedfordshire neighbourhood plan.

The Sutton Neighbourhood Plan passed referendum on 24th June 2021 and was formally adopted by Central Bedfordshire Council on 25th June 2021. 

Turnout: 48.44%

Yes: 97.58%

No: 2.42%


You can find out more and view the final document on the Sutton Neighbourhood Plan website.

Sutton, Bedfordshire - aerial view
Sutton Village Hall fruit trees - February 2021
Fruit tree planting at Sutton Village Hall

Sutton Village Hall now has a mini-orchard in its grounds.  The six Bedfordshire heritage fruit trees were purchased from Apples and Orchards, Norfolk, and funded by the Central Bedfordshire Tree Planting Grant Scheme.

Hopefully, in about five years' time, all the residents of Sutton will be able to benefit from the harvest.

Varieties include:

Three eating apples: Laxton Epicure, Laxton Permaine, Laxton Triumph

Two cooking apples: Hambling Seedling, Bedfordshire Foundling

One pear: Laxton Foremost

Fruit tree planting at Sutton Village Hall
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