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Advent windows list 2023 

List of addresses for Sutton advent windows 2023

1 Dec Sutton Lower School

1st December advent window - colourful baubles

2 Dec 38 High St

advent window 2nd December - 2 penguins in the snow

3 Dec Fairways
Church Rd

Advent windows 3rd December - shooting star, angels, candles, Christmas tree

4 Dec Rectory
Church Rd

Advent windows 4th December - reindeer in red Christmas lights

5 Dec Brook House
High St

Advent windows 5th December - village in the snow

6 Dec Ford House 
High St

Advent windows 6th December - Christmas lights

7 Dec 11 High St

Advent windows 7th December - holly wreath

8 Dec 39 High St

Advent windows 8th December -  Colourful stars, Christmas tree

9 Dec 46 High St

Advent windows 9th December - bright white star, snow scene

10 Dec Longthorpe
Church Rd

Advent windows 10th December - blue, turquoise and pink Christmas lights

13 Dec 6 High St

Advent windows 13th December - Mary and Joseph under the star

16 Dec Yew Tree House, High St

Advent windows 16th December - 2 snowmen on Sutton Packhorse Bridge

19 Dec 35A High St

Advent windows 19th December - colourful baubles, candles and tree

22 Dec Clay End Cottage, High St

11 Dec Badgers
Church Rd

Advent windows 11th December - Santa doing a ski jump, skiis display as number 11

12 Dec Solus
Church Rd

Advent windows 12th December - elves bringing gifts

14 Dec 14 High St

Advent windows 14th December - holly and birds

17 Dec Bramfield
Church Rd

15 Dec 15 Village Farm Cottage

Advent windows 15th December - snowmen, reindeer, tree and snowflakes
Advent windows 17th December - 4 colourful lit candles

20 Dec 28 High St

Advent windows 20th December - Christmas tree lit up

18 Dec 44 High St

Advent windows 18th December - snowman, robin and snowflake

21 Dec The Croft
Church Rd

Advent windows 21st December - Santa in pyjamas
Advent windows 22nd December - snow scene with snowflakes

23 Dec 20 High St

Advent windows 23rd December - stars above village snowscene

24 Dec All Saints Church, Church Rd

Advent windows 24th December - stained glass three wise men
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