Sutton Women's Institute


Sutton WI meets every second Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in Sutton Village Hall. Doors open at 7pm.


New members are always welcome.

Sutton WI Committee 

President         - Janet Potter (01767262118)

Treasurer         - Catherine Brown

Secretary         - Pat Thwaites (01767261016)

Minutes/Press - Cynthia Brewerton

Programme     - Jackie Ryan

​                         - Ann Fowler

Hall Rep           - Ellie Daniels

                         - Angela Jack

WI Programme 2021

Sep 14th 7.30pm Barbara Hudson "Can you turn your life around?" An amusing talk on Internet dating and writing a book.

Oct 12th 7.30pm Yvonne Bell "Silk for Sundays". A talk on how to paint on silk: silk vestments, cushions, art, etc.

Nov 9th 7.30pm Mark Steinhardt. Storyteller - traditional and local stories and something for the season.

Dec 14th 7.30pm Christmas meeting. Alison Ross- indoor kurling. A fun evening with teams learning a new sport and competing for a prize! A donation will be made in aid of Canine Partners. All visitors are welcome. Entry £5. Please call Janet Potter 01767 262118 for details. Light seasonal refreshments will be served. 


12th October: silk for Sundays

Yvonne Bell visited us at Sutton WI on Tuesday 12th October. She makes and decorates ecclesiastical vestments. She is an accomplished artist who mainly works in silks. She talked animatedly about both the process and the commissions she has undertaken.  In addition she described the silk and the dyes that she uses to paint her designs. To form the outline of her designs she uses gutta percha which forms a barrier and prevents the dye going where she does not want it to. As the silk is thin the dye runs until it is stopped by the gutta percha. Once the design is complete the work is backed with interfacing to give it body and to keep the colours bright. Sometimes she appliqués on to the work. 


Yvonne told us about the colours used at different times of the year in church and showed us lots of beautiful examples of her work. In addition to her commissioned work which is mainly for churches and for priests she has some cards which have been printed from her designs. The talk was very much enjoyed by everyone and we all marvelled at her imagination and skill.


14th September: can you turn your life around?

The September meeting welcomed Barbara Hudson, speaking about Internet Dating.

Barbara is a writer of short stories and novels, she lives in Oxford. One of the novels she has written is titled "Timed Out", which gives an enlightening personal insight into finding love as an older woman.

Barbara spoke candidly about her own experiences at Internet Dating, revealing some very interesting experiences. It was an entertaining evening with Barbara sharing many humorous details, with one or two rather scary ones thrown in!

Following her talk, she was also happy to hand out notes and guidance on information regarding writing stories and novels for beginners.

We were all very grateful for the effort Barbara put in to the evening following a lengthy wait in a traffic jam due to an incident on her journey.

We were very pleased that she was able to join us for refreshments, savouries and home-made cakes, served by the Committee & Members.

Angela Jack