Sutton news 2021-2022

Potton Fire Brigade visit  - 9th April 2022

Several members from Potton Fire Brigade very kindly joined us at our recent coffee morning to show us how to do CPR and how to use the defibrillator that's installed on the front of the village hall. If you ever need to use it, call 999 and ask for the code to release it from its holder on the wall. The operator will advise you on what to do, and visual and audio instructions on the defibrillator itself are very clear. 

We were reassured that the defibrillator won't cause damage and is programmed to deliver a shock to start heart rhythm only when absolutely necessary. 

There was a lot of interest in this life-saving information and our thanks go to all members of the crew for making the instruction so accessible.

Read more on our defibrillator.

Sutton strollers walk  - 12th March 2022

Several of us gathered together on Saturday morning and were guided by Jenny and Nigel Ream on a 2 hour walk around their farm. We enjoyed walking through several wooded areas where they are actively encouraging wildlife.

We were fortunate enough to see a female barn owl fly very close by from its nest box, a red kite, and a frog enjoying the sunshine.

The strollers will be visiting Dunton Community Garden on Saturday 14th May, meeting up at 10am at the village hall. All welcome!

Kansas Smittys Jazz evening - 25th September 2021
Jazz night Sept 2021.jpg

Two members of Kansas Smittys were unable to join us, but fortunately top-class musicians stepped in to replace them at very short notice. Our heartfelt thanks go to Peter Horsfall on trumpet/vocals, Ewan Bleach on clarinet/vocals, Ducato Piotrowski on guitar, Kourosh Kanani on guitar and Fergus Ireland on bass for such a polished, uplifting musical evening!

With audience numbers limited according to Covid guidelines, the atmosphere was more intimate than on previous jazz evenings and it was a real privilege to see such talent up close. 

We very much hope that they will return to Sutton to perform for us again in the future.

Peter Horsfall.jpg
End of lockdown pizza party - 28th August 2021

We were very fortunate to have good weather for the pizza party and even more fortunate to have "Drunk and disorderly" playing for us. People brought pizzas of all sorts: ready-made, made-from-scratch, vegan, courgette, broccoli, chocolate and marshmallow, etc. The pizza oven did well to keep up with the demand! But top marks surely go to Chloe for her jelly baby pizza!

Everyone enjoyed being together again at last after Covid put a stop to events over the last year or so. A warm welcome to all our new neighbours who have recently moved into Sutton. It was good to meet you all!

Please find more photos of the event in the Gallery

Art and poetry competitions - July 2021

The winners of the annual art and poetry competitions were announced at the coffee morning on 14th August. 

Art winners

1st: Margaret Prior

2nd: Jenny Ream

3rd: Phil Lane


Poetry winners

1st: Barbara McCormick

2nd: Stefan Senger

3rd: Phil Lane

Please take a look at the entries in the Gallery.

The competition was funded by the Central Bedfordshire Ward Councillor COVID-19 Grant Scheme, Councillor Wye‘s allocation.

FOSC 100+ Club winners - August 2021

The Friends of Sutton Church, (FOSC) is a registered charity (293616), whose purpose is to preserve and maintain the structure of All Saints Church Sutton. 

The 2021, 100+ Club has been formed to help raise funds for FOSC.  Membership costs £12 per annum and there will be six equally distributed prize draws throughout the year. 25% of all proceeds will be distributed as 1st prize, 15% as 2nd prize with the remainder kept for FOSC.

The first draw was on Saturday 14th August and the winners were Hilary Barham and Natalie Rice who won £46.50 and £27.90 respectively. 

The next draw will take place on Saturday 9th October at midday at the Sutton Village Hall coffee morning. 


To find out more about the 2021, 100+ Club please contact:

Catherine Brown -

Sutton Neighbourhood Plan - June 2021
sutton neighbourhood plan.JPG

The Sutton Neighbourhood Plan passed referendum on 24th June 2021 and was formally adopted by Central Bedfordshire Council on 25th June 2021. 

Turnout: 48.44%

Yes: 97.58%

No: 2.42%


You can find out more and view the final document on the Sutton Neighbourhood Plan website.

Sutton aerial view.JPG
Sutton Village Hall fruit trees - February 2021
Fruit tree planting.JPG

Sutton Village Hall now has a mini-orchard in its grounds.  The six Bedfordshire heritage fruit trees were purchased from Apples and Orchards, Norfolk, and funded by the Central Bedfordshire Tree Planting Grant Scheme.

Hopefully, in about five years' time, all the residents of Sutton will be able to benefit from the harvest.

Varieties include:

Three eating apples: Laxton Epicure, Laxton Permaine, Laxton Triumph

Two cooking apples: Hambling Seedling, Bedfordshire Foundling

One pear: Laxton Foremost

Fruit tree planting 2.JPG