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This is now Sutton's third year of advent windows and we're looking forward to seeing more magical, inspired window displays to brighten up the village and lift everyone’s spirits over the festive season.

Advent window 4th Dec Santa playing golf
Advent window 7th Dec

A window is revealed each day from 1st-24th December, creating a Christmas window advent calendar throughout the village.

Do you have a street-facing window that you would be willing to decorate and illuminate during December? If so, read on…

How to join in - NB all dates now taken.  Contact us if you have any questions.

The way it works is:

1)   You just need to sign up for a date between 1st and 24th December using the Contact Form to request one of the remaining dates in the list at the foot of this page. We will then let you know if the date you have requested is still available.

2)   Create an illuminated, festive window scene that's easily visible from the main road. You may want to follow a theme, but it’s totally up to you, as long as your window is colourful, celebratory and clearly displays the number of the day so that passers-by know which date you are representing.

3)   Reveal your advent window on the date you signed up for and keep it lit every evening (at least between 5pm and 8pm if possible) ideally until 5th January or if that's not suitable, until after New Year's Day.

Preparing your window

To get you started, please take a look at the advent windows from last year and from 2021 for inspiration. Such a great variety of imaginative windows with 3D figures, transparencies and lights!

You will also find many ideas and tips if you search online.

Advent window 11th December

Advent windows list 2023 

Screenshot date list for website.png

Advent windows 2023

Please see photos below of the first advent windows that have been revealed.  We'll do our best to keep this updated. Do please send us in photos of your advent windows so that we can post them here. You can do this using the Contact Form to ask us for the email address to send the photo to.

1 December.jpg

1st December - Sutton Lower School

2 December.jpg

2nd December - 38 High St

3rd December - Fairways, Church Rd

Advent Window 3 - Fairways.jpeg
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