Advent windows in Sutton - Christmas 2021


A huge thankyou to everyone who took part in creating advent windows in Sutton. We now have all windows from 1st to 24th December, so many different themes, they really brighten up the village and make it look festive. A great group effort!


If you look closer at the window for 5th December, you can spot cute Christmas ducks in Santa hats playing with 5 gold rings around the Packhorse Bridge! We also love the very cleverly made Christmas trees in the school windows (6th December). The Santa in pyjamas who shall remain nameless ( 21st December) really made us smile!

Partridge pear tree window
4th Dec.jpg
7th Dec.jpg
10 Dec.jpg
13th Dec
16th Dec
2nd Dec.jpg
5th Dec window.jpg
8th Dec.jpg
11th Dec.jpg
14th Dec window.jpg
17 Dec.jpg
20th Dec.jpg
3rd Dec.jpg
6th Dec
9th Dec.jpg
12th Dec 1.jpg
15 Dec.jpg
19th Dec
24th Dec.jpg

Date    House name/no.

  1st     - 38 High St

  2nd   - 26 High St

  3rd    - 43 High St 

  4th    - 20 High St

  5th    - Yew Tree House, High St 

  6th    - Sutton School, High St

  7th    - Bramfield, Church Road

  8th    - Old Rectory

  9th    - 6 High St

10th    - Longthorpe, Church Rd

11th     - 46 High St

12th     - Badgers, Church Rd

13th     - Fairways, Church Rd

14th     - Talland Cottage, 40 High St

15th     - 18 High St

16th     - 39 High St

17th     - Church Farm

18th     - 54 High St

19th     - Clay End Cottage

20th     - 35a High St

21st     - The Croft, Church Rd

22nd   - Garth House, Church Rd

23rd    - 28 High St

24th    - All Saints Church