Friends of Sutton Church


The Friends of Sutton Church (FOSC) is a registered charity (293616) whose purpose is to preserve and maintain the structure of All Saints Church, Sutton. 

The FOSC 100+ Club


The 100+ Club has been formed to help raise funds for FOSC.  Membership costs £12 per annum and there will be six equally distributed prize draws throughout the year. 25% of all proceeds will be distributed as 1st prize, 15% as 2nd prize, with the remainder kept for FOSC.

The Next Draw

The 6th and final draw for the first year of the 100+ Club will take place on Sunday 12th June after the All Saints Church Service which commences at 9:00am.

To find out more about the 100+ Club please contact Catherine Brown by email:




9th April 2022

Gladys and Bill Imber (#90) £48

Catherine Brown (#32) £28.80

12th February 2022

Sharn Elton (#27) £48

Stefan Senger (#14) £28.80

12th December (after the Church Service)
Bev Howarth (#83) £48

Sue McClymont (#85) £28.80

9th October 2021

Eleanor Sparrow (#81) £48

Sharn Elton (#27) £28.80


14th August 2021

Hilary Barham £46.50

Natalie Rice £27.90