Sutton living advent calendar


Thank you to all those who have chosen a date in December to reveal their Christmas advent windows. All dates are now taken, but if you missed out on getting one, do feel free to join in with us on any date you choose. The more, the better!


Look out for window displays being revealed each day in December in the lead up to Christmas at the addresses below: 

Holiday Bells

Date      House name/no.

  1st     - 38 High St

  2nd   - 26 High St

  3rd    - 43 High St 

  4th    - 20 High St

  5th    - Yew Tree House, High St 

  6th    - Sutton School, High St

  7th    - Bramfield, Church Road

  8th    - Old Rectory

  9th    - 6 High St

10th    - Longthorpe, Church Rd

11th     - 46 High St

12th     - Badgers, Church Rd

13th     - Fairways, Church Rd

14th     - Talland Cottage, 40 High St

15th     - 18 High St

16th     - 39 High St

17th     - Church Farm

18th     - 54 High St

19th     - Clay End Cottage

20th     - 35a High St

21st     - The Croft, Church Rd

22nd   - Garth House, Church Rd

23rd    - 28 High St

24th    - All Saints Church

Holiday Bells

Living advent calendar examples


Window  displays should have a Christmas theme and clearly display the date they have been allocated. They can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make them. The important thing is to have fun doing it! We will post some of the windows on this page for those who can't get out to enjoy them.


To help get you started, here are a few examples of window displays from other towns in previous years.

Advent window.jpg
Advent window 2.jpg
Advent window 11.webp
Advent window 9.jpg
Advent window 4.jpg
Advent window 7.jpg
6Advent window 15.webp
Advent window 13.webp
Advent window 11.jpg
Advent window 10.jpg

Advent windows in Sutton


The first window in Sutton has now been revealed! We're looking forward to seeing more and more windows over the next 3 weeks brightening up the village. 

Partridge pear tree window