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AGM 2013 (14th Oct 2013)
The 2013 AGM took place on October 14th. Please, find below the Annual Report for 2013:

"This has been another very active year for the hall committee. The bi-monthly coffee mornings have continued to attract many villagers and their friends, drawn by the friendly atmosphere and array of lovely cakes. A professional theatre company produced an amazing ‘Les Miserables’ and Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire folk ensemble again played superbly and made us laugh. We were fortunate with the lovely weather on the evening of the village barbecue and barn dance when many came to enjoy good food and some lively dancing. The hall committee was responsible for running this year’s duck race which attracted a good crowd and provided valuable funds for the hall and the church. During the year the hall had its five year electrical check, a fire door fitted in the kitchen and improved security lighting fitted around the perimeter to the hall. The hall interior was repainted by hall committee members which made it look much better. This year we hope to increase storage capacity in the kitchen, get more work done on providing a small patio outside the patio doors and spring-clean the storage areas. We also hope to provide a path for disabled access up to the door on the south side of the hall As always we are grateful to Maurice Compton for keeping the grass cut and to the hall committee for keeping the hall in good order and well-used during the year."

AGM 2012 (22nd Oct 2012)
The 2012 AGM took place on October 22nd. Please, find below the Annual Report for 2012:

"This has been a year during which a lot of progress has been made in the Village Hall. The hall has been self-financing thanks to regular bookings by a dog-training course, yoga sessions, village school physical education lessons and regular bookings by the W.I and the parish council. One-off bookings by the pantomime group, Friends of Sutton Church and children's parties have augmented our resources. The most noticeable improvements which have been undertaken this year have been the french doors on the north side of the hall and the improved access for cars. Both installations by local workmen have drawn favourable comments. During the year the bi-monthly coffee morning have attracted very good support and have been friendly, interesting occasions. The hall committee organised the children's puppet show before Christmas, a memorable production sof 'Great Expectations' by a professional theatre company and the visit of Joe Broughton and the Conservatoire Ensemble. The hall and the hall grounds were the venue of a memorable Jubilee celebration which few villagers will ever forget. Our success has been due to the active participation of the committee who have worked hard in so many ways. Thanks are due, too, to the Corrigan family who have maintained a high standard in keeping the hall attractive and clean. Thanks are also due to Maurice Compton who has kept the hall grounds mowed."

12-Dec-11: 'New Hall Fund' money transferred into Village Hall accounts
No objections were received during the consultation period (see below) and the money of the 'New Hall Fund' was transferred into the Village Hall accounts on 12 December 2011.

July 2011: Proposal to use 'New Hall Fund' for improvements to the existing Village Hall
The Village Hall Committee is proposing to transfer the money of the 'New Hall Fund' into the accounts of Sutton Village Hall and to use these funds for improvements to the existing hall. For details, please click here. We are consulting on this proposal prior to taking a decision at our AGM on 17th October 2011. Please, forward your comments and suggestions to the chairman of the Village Hall Committee, Phil Lane (26 High Street), before the end of September.

March 2011: Painting in memory of Clifford Matthews
The painting in memory of Clifford Matthews (commissioned by the Village Hall Committee) can now be viewed in our hall. If you like the painting (which we hope you do), you might be interested to know that there are prints (A3 format) and cards (A5 format) available to order. If you are interested, just let us know.
To see a larger version of the painting, just click on the picture below.

Painting in memory of Clifford Matthews Please, click (and hold) to enlarge

AGM on October 11th
The 2010 AGM took place on October 11th. Please, find below the Annual Report for 2010:

"The committee met eight times during the year to plan and activate maintenance and to arrange social and fundraising events.
The major task this year has been the installation of a disabled toilet. We were helped by a grant of £854 from Central Bedfordshire and £400 from the parish council. Derek Jones built a caretaker's cupboard in this room as well as installing the door furniture. A professional electrician put in the lighting and an alarm. He also made the electrical circuit safer. The cladding boards were treated with wood preservative during the summer.
Maurice Compton has continued to cut the hall grounds. After trying out a professional cleaning firm to do the caretaking, this job was taken over by members of the Corrigan family.
The annual puppet show took place in December with a large audience. An innovation this year has been running informal coffee mornings for the villagers. These have been well-supported. The Flower Festival weekend has seen a very well-organised and successful duck race and a Photographic Exhibition the hall mounted by a local photographic club. The planned barbecue and barn dance fell through but Joe Broughton and his Conservatoire Ensemble will be performing next May.
Tasks which lie ahead include the tiling of the disabled toilet, better access for cars to the parking area and a ramp for disabled visitors.
Thanks, as always, are due to the loyal members of the committee and to villagers who supported our events."

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