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AGM 2015 (14th Nov 2015)
The 2015 AGM took place on November 14th. Please, find below the Annual Report for 2015:

"We were pleased to welcome Sharn Elton, Barbara McCormick, Jenny Ream and Jay to the committee as their ideas and energy are much appreciated. Financially the hall remains in a good position. Regular users, parents arranging children’s parties and fund-raising events have meant that our income continues to outstrip our expenditure. The bi-monthly coffee mornings continue to attract many villagers - this being the only opportunity many of them get to meet together. We continue to be grateful to the kind people in the village who never fail to provide an amazing variety of cakes. Pins and Needles continues to provide a social outlet twice a month. Although the numbers vary at meetings between three and seven, the opportunity to do craftwork in good company is much appreciated. Thanks are due to Mary Kingdon and Janice Lane for organising this. The hall committee organised a highly successful ‘Where We’ve Been’ evening which everyone present found really interesting. The Hotbuckle Theatre company visited Sutton, this time to present ‘Persuasion’. The high standard of the production led to requests to book them again. The visit of Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire Folk Ensemble sold out and was an evening of wild merriment, enjoyed by both performers and audience. Unfortunately our attempt to organise a barbecue and barn dance failed because not enough tickets were sold. By way of compensation the Friends of Sutton School ran the evening and this was much appreciated. On the Sunday morning of the village flower festival the hall organised a book swap and art/craft activities for anyone visiting the village. They also organised the duck race. The committee has a lot of work to do this year in improving the hall and its environs. With a lot of hall use throughout the year, it is important to maintain it to a high standard. However, with an enthusiastic committee, this is easily attainable."

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